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STAAH Instant – ConvertDirect – Cancellation Policy

Where cancellation policy is applied to a rateplan, the policy is now displayed on all the various ConvertDirect Booking Engines – BAR, GRID and GROUP.

Cancellation policy is also indicated on email booking notification and in bookings module (extranet).

Where do you create cancellation policy for your property?

Login to INSTANT extranet > Setup > Cancellation Policy

Click on Add Policy Button > Follow prompts

Once added, the policy will be available in rate plan setup for you to select


How to add a cancellation policy to a rate plan?

Setup > Rate Plans

In rate plan setup, there is field for ‘Cancellation Policy’

  • Click on drop down box
  • You will see all the policies that you have created for your property
  • Select applicable policy for rate plan
  • Save changes

Where is policy displayed on ConvertDirect?

BAR – Hover over the ‘I’ icon to view rate description and cancellation policy

GRID – Click on ‘View Deal’ button

GROUP – Similar to BAR, hover over the ‘I’ icon

On booking details page for all ConvertDirect Booking Engine

Email booking notification

In extranet > Bookings Module


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