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ReviewMinder – Mobile App is now available! Stay connected on the move

Keep on top of reviews whilst on the go. Convenient and easy to use. Where possible, we have kept design similar to extranet, so when you are navigating around the app, everything looks familiar!

  • View reviews received
  • Check/ compare ratings for nominated competitors (If feature was requested)
  • Statistics & Consolidated Ratings

Download app (for free) without delay.

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Easy to Use

  • Download the app (for free)
  • Enter Folder Name (Found in extranet)
  • OR Scan QR code (Only available for android)‎

To obtain App access: Login to Instant/ Max extranet > Review Minder > Click on Mobile icon (top right)

A pop-up window with folder name and QR code

Android login page                                                  IOS login page


To login:                                                                                          To login:

Enter folder name or scan QR Code                                          Enter folder name



Click on Menu to view links to various pages


Request Review and Welcome Email feature is not supported via app


Quick snapshot of competitor analysis.

  • This feature is available only if competitor analysis was requested at setup
  • Select competitor by clicking on radio button to compare rating
  • Click on drop down arrow and select category to check comparison with competitor

Partner Rating

Swipe to see rating for all other channels


  • All reviews are found on this page
  • Reply button diverts to OTA login page


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