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STAAH Instant Extranet – Group Export Booking function

We have added a function in group login/ account which allows property to extract booking report for all properties linked to the group account. A report can be extracted for a maximum of 10 properties.

 You no longer need to login to each property to extract booking report.  This update is applicable for STAAH Instant subscribers with group login/ account (More than 1 property listing linked to the same login)



STAAH Instant extranet via group login > Export Bookings tab

What booking reports?

  • By Booking Date
  • By Arrival Date
  • By Departure date

What Next?

  • Select properties
  • You can extract report for up to maximum 10 properties at one time
  • Properties are listed in alphabetical order


  • Select reports



  • Search by: Click on drop down box and select report option
  • From and To Date: Report is only applicable for up to 31 days. When you enter ’From’ date, the system will automatically apply the last ‘To’ date
  • Channel: Click on drop down box to select specific channel
  • Report by Departure Date: You can only enter one departure date
  • Click on ‘Export’



  • When you click on ‘Export’ button, the above pop up box will appear
  • Select the appropriate method to open or save file as per your requirements
  • Usually you open with Microsoft Excel



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