Reporting No Show and Invalid Credit Card has enhanced report “No Show” and report “Invalid credit card” feature

STAAH is happy to support our partnership with and have enhanced the feature which is already available Max


  • Option to cancel booking if credit card is invalid (Conditions applies)
  • Mark No-Show and confirm fees waived
  • Mark No-Show and confirm charged
  • Mark No-Show and credit card invalid


Mark No Show Feature


MAX > Login to property listing > Bookings Module

  • Post check in, mark no-show option available
  • Mark no-show option available up to 48 hours post check in
  • Click on Mark No-Show
  • Pop up box will appear
  • Select applicable option > Submit

  • The status in extranet will show as No-show
  • If reported as Charge No-show, you will see a commission value in booking via extranet

Example: extranet

  • In MAX extranet, the status will show as Cancelled

Log for reporting no show is found in MAX extranet > Bookings Module > Booking History Details > View History



Cancel booking due to invalid credit card (Conditions applies)


Within booking in ‘Credit Card’ detail section (property required to enter access key to view)

  • In the first instance, property has to report credit card as invalid
  • As per normal, the button to report invalid credit card is found in credit card detail section
  • com will try to contact guest to obtain new credit card details
  • After reporting credit card as invalid, ‘Cancel Reservation’ button will become visible in Instant extranet

  • There are some conditions that applies before the booking can be cancelled. This depends on the arrival date and type of booking. firstly will always allow a guest time to provide new credit card details. The time depends on how soon the arrival date is.
  • In Instant, the cancellation button will be visible as soon as property reports invalid credit card.
  • If you try to cancel too soon, meaning not meeting the required conditions, we will return the below alert. You will have to try again later.

Some examples of conditions:

Future booking (48 hours or more and depending on property local time)

  • Property to report invalid credit card. allows guest up to 24 hours to provide updated credit card details
  • If new credit card details are still invalid, property can cancel the booking.
    Or if still no new credit card details and it is 24 hours of arrival, property can cancel the booking.
  • Property can cancel booking up until 3 pm local time on same day of arrival

Booking within 48 hours of arrival and depending on property local time)

  • Property to report invalid credit card. allows guest up to 12 hours (or until 3pm – whichever earlier) to provide updated credit card details
  • After the allowed period to provide new details is over, property can proceed to cancel booking


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