Booking Engine STAAH Instant

Sojern Pixel Tracking

We have added a feature that will allow property to add Sojern pixel tracking code to the STAAH booking engine.

You need the below information from property:
  • Search Results Pixel ID
  • Shopping Cart Pixel ID
  • Conversion Pixel ID
 Example of how it will look like:
  • Search Results – Pixel ID: 75219
  • Shopping Cart – Pixel ID: 75220
  • Conversion – Pixel ID: 75221


How do I apply this to my Booking Engine?

Log into STAAH>Convert Direct>Traffic Scripts>Sojern ID


In Traffic Script page > SojernID

  1. Enter Pixel ID and separate with colon (Refer to screen shot above)
  2. Enter ID in order – Search Results, Shopping Cart, Conversion
  3. Save changes



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