Channel Manager

BULK UPDATE – Making Uploads Easy

Searching for how to upload rates through Bulk Update? BULK UPDATE (previously known as Update Wizard) is a functionality within the channel manager that allows for easy uploading of Rates, Availability and Restrictions. One can find this functionality in the menu options under INSTANT.

To use this feature, one can follow the on-page prompts.

Select BULK UPDATE > Choose what you want to update (Don’t forget to hit NEXT after every step)

Step 1 – Select the Room Types / Rate Plans that you want to update

Step 2 – Enter your validity. You may also set multiple date ranges.

Step 3 – Populate the grid with the data you want to upload. In the case of Stop Sell and Hot Specials, you need only tick days that are applicable. (Don’t forget to hit FINISH when you are done)

N.B. If you want to remove Stop Sells, please be sure to tick the ‘Remove Stop Sell’ button before ticking off all the boxes for the days of the week.

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