FAQ Instant Channel Manager

How do I change my Access Key?

This can be done directly in your STAAH account. ​

To learn how to change the access key, watch this video or follow the instructions below.

Changing your Access Key (Access Code)
If you want to change your current access key, go to Settings > Change Access Key.
Follow the prompts to change your access key.  This will require you to enter your existing key and generate your own new access key containing at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, at least one special character, at least one number and 8-15 characters. Hit Save.

Reset a Forgotten Access Key
If you want to reset a forgotten access key, select ‘Forgot Your Access Key?’ When the ‘Are You Sure’ popup appears, select Yes.This generates an email with a password reset link, which is sent to your registered email address.  You can then follow the link to create a new access key.

If you need further assistance, please contact your local support team.

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