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What is the Difference Between Master Rate And Rate Plans?

Master Rates is a tool that allows a property to select a Rate Plan new/existing as a Master, with various Rate Plans linked to STAAH as Child to the Master. When Rates are changed for the Master, the Child Rate Plans are automatically derived based on a formula that has been applied for that particular child rate plan.   A Rate Plan is the singular deal on which a room is sold, also known as a Package.
Example: Property has 3 Rate Plans (Room Only, Breakfast and Non Refundable).
-Room Only is Master 
-Breakfast and Non Refundable are the Child Rate Plans to the Master (Room Only)
-Breakfast is an additional $50 from the Room Only
-Non Refundable is -10 % of the Room Only
-The above multipliers will be added into the Master Rates module
Rate for Room Only is 100, the system will automatically adjust the rates based on the formulae applied.
Room Only=100
Breakfast=150 (Room only + 50)
Non Refundable=90 (Room only – 0.90/10%)
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