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Enhancement – STAAH Instant – Smart Pricing! New discount type, Payment Options

Smart Pricing feature already offers 4 discount types:

  • Advance Purchase > Allows you to scale the discount based on number of days booking is made in advance
  • Mobile > Identify and target bookers using mobile device
  • Multi Nights > Allows you to scale the discount based on number of stay nights
  • Region > Allows you to set discount targeting bookings from specific country(s)

The newest addition to discount type is Payment Options

This discount type allows a property to reward a customer by paying at time of booking. The incentive is of course a discount. It is however a requirement that the property has a payment gateway integrated with ConvertDirect booking engine.

Who can use Smart Pricing?

  • Properties subscribing to STAAH ConvertDirect (Both BAR and GRID)
  • Absolutely FREE feature
  • Easy setup

Where is this feature in Instant extranet?

ConvertDirect > Smart Pricing

How to setup Smart Pricing discounts?

ConvertDirect > Smart Pricing > Click on Add Discount

**NEW** Discount Type: Payment Options

Encourage customers to pay at time of booking by offering a discount. Customer will have option to ‘Pay Now’ with a discount or ‘Pay On Arrival’. Remember property need to have payment gateway integrated with ConvertDirect to offer this discount. If property has no payment gateway integrated, it is not possible to select this discount type.

  1. Enter Discount Name
  2. Discount Type, select Payment Options
  3. Select rate plan(s) you wish to link to this discount. Only rate plan(s) enabled to booking engine will be an option
  4. Select Pay Now. Pay on arrival option will automatically be selected/ enabled as well
  5. Enter applicable discount % or $ value
  6. Pay on arrival, select if you require credit card guarantee
  7. Save

On booking details page, the booker will see both payment options. Pay Now option will display price with discount

Some standard rules and conditions:

  • Enter discount as multiplier value – ie, if discount is 15%, value is 0.85
  • You need to link rate plan(s) to a Smart Pricing discount during setup
  • Smart Pricing discount does not apply to promo code rates
  • If more than 1 Smart Pricing discount applies to a rate searched, STAAH will apply/ consider the lowest rate, meaning the discount type with the maximum discount
  • Pay Now discount is additional to any other applicable Smart Pricing discount. Pay Now discount is calculated on top of applicable Smart Pricing discount (if available)
  • If booking has a combination of rates plans and one or multiple does not offer PAY NOW option, by default PAY NOW option will not be available
  • By default, discount does not apply to extra guest charge. You can enable this via Promo Code module

  • Smart Pricing discount type is indicated in booking

  • Stats available via Channel Insights

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