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Booking Engine

ConvertDirect Group Booking Engine – Promo Code Feature

ConvertDirect Group Booking Engine – Promo Code feature The new version of group booking engine allows Promo Codes to be used at a Group Level. This feature allows a property to set promo code at group level for multiple/ all properties within the group.   Only promo code set via group level will be applicable …

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Tax / Surcharge Feature for Convert Direct

We have enhanced the tax/ surcharge feature.   This includes the ability to have tax based on ‘Flat Tax’ or ‘Slab Tax’ model, multiple tax settings, and multiple surcharge settings. This feature used to be enabled only on request.

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Customize your Weekend Marker

Growing into new markets, we at STAAH realize that the traditional weekend of Saturday and Sunday may not apply in some countries. Our new extranet feature allows a property to control the weekend marker on the STAAH Instant Extranet .

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Manage your Reviews & Reach out to your guests directly REVIEWMINDER by STAAH, is our newest offering. See your reviews from multiple sites in one location, manage your feedback and share reviews to FB too.

Instant Channel Manager

Currency seems wrong – What do I do?

The Base Currency of your setup in STAAH is usually in the local currency of your country. In some cases the setup in STAAH maybe based on USD or GBP for example and the channel may be showing local currency. In this case, multipliers are setup in the mapping to push out the conversion accordingly. …

STAAH Instant

Contact STAAH SUPPORT – Available to help you

STAAH Partner Service Teams are setup to provide product and technical support to our accommodation clients globally. Partner Service Teams are located in various regions and works in varying time zones to ensure efficient responses to all queries raised. For further information and details on how to contact us for your query or for training, …

Instant Channel Manager

What are Room Codes? Why do I need them?

Within the Channel Manager Setup, all variables are assigned a numerical code. Hence, all Room Types set up in the system have a unique identifying code as well. These Room Codes are important, if you have a PMS needing to make a connection with the Channel Manager. When the PMS connection is to be made …