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New Feature: STAAH Instant – Messaging Feature

STAAH is happy to support and connect our software to messaging feature. This feature will enable properties subscribing to STAAH Instant channel manager to communicate with guests using interface available in STAAH Instant extranet rather than having to login to extranet.

The messaging feature is easy to use and will definitely assist properties to respond quickly to customers.

Who has access to Messaging Feature in Instant extranet?

Property subscribing to STAAH Instant and with connection enabled

Where is the messaging feature found?

Instant > Bookings Module

What does the feature look like?

  • ‘Message’ icon is available at booking level for each property
  • There will be a ‘Message’ icon for each booking
  • Click on ‘Message’ icon to check messages
  • Click on ‘Message’ Icon to send message

How does it work?

  • On the guest confirmation email, there is a ‘Contact property’ link
  • Guest can communicate with property using this link

  • Property can check messages by clicking on ‘Messaging’ icon
  • Property can reply using messaging feature. It will trigger an email to customer
  • Customer can respond to property via email
  • Property will receive reply via an email and also in ‘Messaging’
  • History of all communication remains in the messaging feature
  • ‘Messaging’ icon is not available post arrival date
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