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How to connect to Airbnb via STAAH channel manager?

We have an enhanced connection with Airbnb, one of the world’s most popular communities of hosts and travelers. The connection will allow you to manage your existing Airbnb listing via your STAAH channel manager.

If your property is not listed to Airbnb, you first need to apply to be listed on Airbnb via the form on this page. Airbnb is looking for properties that offer a personalised service, receive consistent great feedback from guests and have unique characteristics which sets them apart from others. Please click here for more details on Airbnb standards. Once your property is reviewed and approved by Airbnb, you’ll get an email with next steps and will be able to proceed with mapping.

This connection will be available in a phased manner worldwide. 

Australia & New Zealand LIVE Now
India LIVE Now
Malaysia LIVE Now
Philippines LIVE Now
Thailand LIVE Now
Indonesia LIVE Now
Rest of the World LIVE Now

Download these easy to follow steps on how to get connected.


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