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Added a New Room Category at your property? Here is how to create this new Room Type in your STAAH account.

Login to STAAH.  Go to SETTINGS > ROOM TYPES > Select ‘Add New Room Type’.


  • Room Name Room Type: Add Room Name (E.g. Twin Room).
  • Full Rate: The Full Rate refers to full occupancy at any time of the year.  The highest rate is loaded because it is the default rate, and will be used when you haven’t loaded rates into the system.  We will automatically assign this rate and push this out to your website and OTAs managed by STAAH.
  • Description: This is an overview of the room.  Sell your room type and describe the room to make it appealing to bookers.
  • ConvertDirect Room Limit: A ConvertDirect Limit allows a property to restrict the number of rooms booked in one booking from the ConvertDirect Booking Engine for this Room Type.  For example, a ConvertDirect Room Limit of 2 means a booker can only book a maximum of 2 of these Room Types in one booking.  If there are no restrictions, enter ‘0’.
  • Last Unit Prompt: This allows you to identify the room category for this particular room type, e.g. villa, dorm room, cottage.
  • Default Inventory: To learn more about Default Inventory, click here and view “Default Availability”.
  • Room Size: Add Room Size in meters or feet. Hit SAVE, which will take you to the “Bedding tab”.


  • Bed Type: Beds available in this room. Select the Bed and number of bed types in that particular room. Select ‘+’ to add more bed types.  
  • Maximum Guests: Maximum Guests that can be accommodated in this room.
  • Maximum Adults: Maximum Adults that can be accommodated in this room.
  • Total Rooms: Amount of Rooms Available for this Type, which will take you to the “Images” tab.


  • Clicking on SAVE will take you to the Images tab. To upload applicable images, select “Browse”. (Ensure that images uploaded are within the recommended sizes).
  • Select an Image and select OPEN.  Your image will save automatically.  Please note you can upload multiple images at once. If you wish to give the image a label, enter the label and click anywhere on the screen – your label will save automatically.


  • Select the Room Facilities tab. Choose Room Facilities applicable to this Room Type by clicking applicable features, which will take you to the Rate Plans tab. Hit SAVE.


Select the Rate Plans tab. If a Rate Plan that suits the Room Type already exists, go to ROOM/RATE PLAN NAME and enter the applicable ROOM TYPE.  If the Rate Plan you wish to use for this Room Type does not yet exist, or there are no suitable existing Rate Plans, watch this video to learn how to create a Rate Plan.

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