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ConvertDirect – Customise Information on Booking Details Page

ConvertDirect – Customise information to collect from booking details page

We understand the need to simplify the booking process for a customer. As time is valuable, the quicker it is for a customer to complete a booking, the better!

Currently on the booking details page, we collect minimal information. However, we have implemented option for a property to decide if they wish to collect the below information at time of booking.

  • Billing Address
  • Estimated Arrival Time
  • Additional Request

If the above information is not required, you have the option to manage this independently and hide field(s)


Who is this applicable to?

Property using STAAH ConvertDirect Booking Engine


Current display on booking details page

*Highlighted in green – now optional. You now have the ability to manage independently and hide fields that are not required


How to customise booking details page/remove the fields I do not want to display?

Login to your STAAH account and select the ConvertDirect > Display Settings

On ‘Display Settings’ module, you will see the below options

  • Hide Billing Information
  • Hide ETA
  • Hide Additional Request

Tick box to hide fields on booking details page (Highlighted in green)>Save changes

Example: Booking details page – Billing information, estimated arrival time and additional request fields hidden. These fields are no longer displayed on the STAAH Convert Direct Booking Engine.

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