Channel Manager


You may allocate Availability using STAAH Instant to increase or decrease Availability (or update your inventory) in the following ways.


STAAH Channel Manager can be connected to your PMS (Property Management System) to source Availability for Channels and your STAAH Booking Engine.

To connect your PMS and STAAH Channel Manager:

  • Contact your local STAAH support and let them know that you would like to connect your PMS
  • Ensure that your ROOM TYPE setup in the PMS matches your ROOM TYPE setup in STAAH
  • Our Partner Services Team will facilitate the connection for you


In the absence of a PMS, you are able to manage your availability on STAAH manually.

The AVAILABILITY screen displays all availability in the system.

Availability may be uploaded into the system

  • Put the Availability in the relevant boxes on the AVAILBILITY screen and Hit UPDATE

  • Use BULK UPDATE to bulk upload Availability into the System


Default Availability is the setup of a minimum number of rooms per Room Type that can be pushed out by the Channel Manager, in the absence of any availability being loaded in to the system.

Setup of Default Availability ensures that you always have availability pushed out to channels and that your property is always bookable.

You may opt to have Default availability set for only one Room type or a limited number of Room types.

Default Availability is setup within each Room Type.

How Do I open inventory or how do I close inventory?

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