Booking Engine

CONVERTDIRECT BOOKING ENGINE – Get your Guests to Book Direct

The BOOKING ENGINE is a piece of technology that is embedded into your website, to enable guests to Book Direct.

Benefit to you – You build a relationship with your booker directly and you have the flexibility to give him more for his money.

Benefit to the Booker – He has a personalized booking experience with a confirmation in 3 clicks and he gets the best deal at your property.

The STAAH CONVERTDIRECT Booking Engine is easy to use and has some convenient features:

  • Customizable to your website look
  • Responsive to all mobile devices
  • It can be attached to your property’s FB page
  • Ability to sell value-add ons
  • Promo Codes linked to a discount or special deal
  • ‘Hot  Special’ visual tag on selected dates
  • Choice of 2 Displays – Package Display & Grid Display

The Booking Engine widget can be seen below in the package (left) or calendar grid display (right).


The Booking Engine can be connected to a Payment Gateway, should you want payments for bookings to be taken online prior to confirmation.

The Booking Engine page can also be linked to a Widget on the Property’s HOME PAGE to refine the search for bookers.

For example the widget may look like this:

For more information on our ConvertDirect Booking Engine or to subscribe please go to or contact your local STAAH sales team.

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