Booking Engine

Booking Engine Funnel User Guide

Login to STAAH and go to BE Analytics (MAX) or ConvertDirect Analytics (INSTANT).  Enter the dates you want to analyse and hit GO.

The Booking Engine Funnel on the left gives you a list of visitors and conversion by percentage.  The right shows the exact number and pages they visited.

The number of visitors in the first tier relates to the number of people who visited the Booking Engine.  They clicked Book Now and visited the BE.

The number of visitors in the second tier relates to the Active Visitors.  These are the people who actually clicked on a room or searched multiple stay dates.

The third tier indicates the number of people who have continued onto the guest details page, which is where they enter information like personal details, name and address, etc.

The last tier shows the number of people who have been converted into confirmed bookings.

Scroll down to view the Daily Statistics – an overview of daily total visitor numbers broken down into Active Visitors, those who visited Guest Details and Confirmed Bookings.
You can also view further information on your guest’s booking use, including the device and browsers they have used.  

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